Welcome to the Sword Coast Invades Quincy D&D Next Campaign.

This is just a small site to keep track of our D&D Next games.

Our starting adventure was on 8/30/14, and followed the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure from the D&D Next Starter Box.

A dwarven cleric of Torm, Ulthgar, was traveling south from Mithral Hall through Neverwinter at the behest of his cousins, the Rockseeker Brothers, who had an important discovery they needed his help with.

A half-elf rogue, Dax of Neverwinter, was travelign with Ulthgar after the temple of Torm in Neverwinter had taken him in and trained him as acolyte after a brutal beating by the guards of Neverwinter. Dax has never said exactly what it was he was doing that brought the wrath of the guards down on in, but he seems eager to repent… while using his rogue skills of course! He accompanied Ulthgar on his quest in order to gain some gold and restart his life.

Urg, a handsome & toothy half-orc barbarian was traveling south from Luskan after making a significant enemy of one of the Pirate Kings of Luskan. Urg has a tendency to stick his mug where ever he likes and it doesn’t always work out well for him. He was also hired by one of the Rockseeker Brothers to escort some goods and supplies to Phandalin.

And finally, An Sing, a human monk from the Far East, is an ex-soldier that had traveled by sea all the way from Calimashan far to the south. Sadly, An’s allies and fellow soldiers had all succumbed to one battle or another on the long trip, and left with no one to return to the Far East with, he joined up with Urg and the Rockseeker’s request to also head to Phanadlin.

Sword Coast Invades Quincy